The Scary Truth about Sugar

You may alreday heard that sugar is terrible for you, but most people don’t truly understand why it’s so bad. In fact, some people falsely think that if they eat sugar, they can be active and do exercise a little bit harder because the sugar will be burning off. If you knew exactly why sugar… Read More »

3 Facts About Wheat

Fact 1: Wheat causes blood sugar disruption, glycation of your cells, increases aging, weight gain & boosts diabetes risk Wheat contains a very unusual type of carbohydrate (not found in other foods) called Amylopectin-A, which has been found in some tests to spike your blood sugar HIGHER than even pure table sugar. In fact, amylopectin-A… Read More »

Cure the Bad Breath

Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, is full of unhealthy (and potentially-dangerous) chemical compounds that combine to produce the odor we recognize as bad breath. However, they are pretty smelly by themselves too.